Cultivating a New Tomorrow

Our Focus


Bedford Grow follows rigorous scientific standards to develop premier medical-grade Cannabis. Our mission is to ease the discomforts of illness and help restore quality of life for patients in need.


Through our commitment to patient care, medicinal quality and innovation, Bedford Grow will be the leading developer, cultivator and provider of medical-grade Cannabis products.


Bedford Grow cultivates medical-grade Cannabis that can ease or eliminate discomfort experienced by those in our patient community. Our Company’s focus on patients, quality and innovation, makes Bedford Grow the leader in Cannabis therapies:


Quality of life forms the foundation of all Bedford Grow business practices. Countless people in our Illinois patient base suffer from a variety of health issues and we are committed to providing them with a viable alternative for safe, effective relief.


Bedford Grow is committed to cultivating a pharmaceutical-grade product for qualifying medical Cannabis patients in Illinois. Every plant in our facility has been grown from seed to ensure no foreign genetic material, invasive pests or pathogens are present.


We continuously breed one-of-a-kind strains from our unique seed bank, which are used to produce medicinal products that are known to meet or exceed the needs of our patient base.