Cultivating a New Tomorrow

Our Facility


At Bedford Grow’s state-of-the-art facility, we grow medical-grade Cannabis, extract oil and infuse a variety of products to aid in the patient use of cannabinoid medicine. Our goal is to develop medical-grade Cannabis that offers a safe, beneficial experience for everyone in the Illinois patient base.


We develop our medicines using rigorous protocols adhering to the strictest standards for cleanliness and safety in every aspect of production.

By maintaining clean environments free from contaminants and pesticides, we protect plants from infection and prevent cross-contamination from one growing room to the next.

Similarly, we adhere to the strictest Illinois state standards for safety and cleanliness during the extraction of Cannabis oil and its infusion into food products. In this way, Bedford Grow medicines bring maximum value, benefit and comfort to all patients.

Seed Supremacy

In order to produce increasingly therapeutic medicine, we cultivate medical-grade Cannabis from seed. Cultivating from seeds allows us to maintain a more controlled growing environment with stronger plants, higher yields, potencies and aromas. Seed growth also creates unique cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles. Our cultivators continuously use these profiles to develop new strains of Cannabis optimized for the treatment of diverse medical conditions.

Hand Trimming

Bedford Grow prides itself on the care that goes in to each and every plant. Our employees handle our flower with the utmost care as it is manicured and processed before consumption. Our team of highly seasoned trimmers hand trim each piece of flower that is cultivated, ensuring yield, potency and flavor. As we cultivate our Cannabis strains, each has their own unique properties consisting of appearance, shape, density and trichome coverage.

In order to keep the integrity of each flower that is manicured, our trimmers are thoroughly focused on each piece of flower, knowing what to trim and what not to, as well as holding the flower just so, as they apply the exact amount of pressure needed to apply with their sheers. Hand trimming enables the unique properties to stay in place, providing pure medicinal-grade products.

In every phase of product research, development and distribution, we remain committed to our core principles of compassion, quality, innovation and superior patient care.